Yorke Consulting

A refresh and optimization for an established and respected consulting firm.

Leslie has been an absolute delight to work with! She is extremely creative and attentive to learn my preferences so that by the time she created our website and handouts for my curriculum, there were very few changes necessary for the final product. She is knowledgeable about other applications/platforms which has enabled her to recommend resources which have also helped to grow our business. Most important, as a VIRTUAL assistant, I feel very comfortable with her trustworthiness and integrity. I would highly recommend Leslie for VA services.

Nada Yorke

Co-Owner, Yorke Consulting

The background:

Nada came to me with a thriving consulting business.  For years she and her husband had been managing on their own, but felt it was time to ask for some help.  As her business was growing, she needed updated solutions for email, client registration, and course creation.  She also had a vision wanting to create a continuing education community where professionals who had taken Yorke Consulting courses could continue their licensure and stay up-to-date on new policies and practices.

Together we worked to bring all the documents and files to a revised website on a platform that allowed for more integration and easier maintenance on the back end.  We successfully migrated from her old host provider to GoDaddy and brought her signature purple colors and “rounded rectangles” into their brand image. 

It was such a pleasure working with Nada and her husband to provide both graphic and web services.  We worked collaboratively in Google Drive and on Canva Business to create documents the program facilitators need for their students and staff.  Take a peek at how we brought Yorke Consulting into the 21st century below!

Most of the original Yorke Consulting website was PDF links to download as it was difficult to add new pages and resources on the old host platform.  I took her “about us” pdf profiles and incorporated them into her website.

What used to be a PDF class description that she would individually email out to participants or perspective clients, now are on her website in an easy-to-update format.

We were able to work collaboratively and seemlessly in Google Drive and Canva Business account.  All of the documents I create for her, she has full access to and can edit as needed.

web graphic examples

Nada gave me several flyers that needed updating.  She wanted something that “spoke to the kids” her program served a bit better.  I was able to create different documents in Canva that her program facilitators could use with a wide variety of audience participants.

web graphic examples

Nada still wanted to be able to have control over her website, so I created several LOOM videos for her to use as needed.  It walks her step-by-step on how to update different elements as well as a walk-through of how her clients will experience her website.

web graphic examples

Part of updating her business includes updating paper assets as well.  We used QR codes to easily direct people to sign up for trainings.

We created a Convert Kit landing page for her Inner Circle waitlist.  When she’s ready to launch, she’ll have people waiting!