Hi. I’m Leslie.

Welcome to Our Greene Home Designs!

My Approach

Always having a heart for design, I enjoy the creative process of designing pieces for the needs of my clients.  It is so fun to have the ability to think outside of my personal design aesthetic.  I love working with clients to see their own dreams and ideas come to life!  There is nothing better than getting the “YES! That’s exactly what I had in mind!” at the end of a project. I get a chance for creative expression and my clients get a chance to have great, quality pieces to further their small business brand.

My Story

Teacher by trade – who knew what adventure God would lead me on!  Life changed and we moved to a place where I stepped out of the classroom to raise my family.  On the quest to find something for “me” I stumbled upon the world of graphic design.  What started out as paper party decor business “Our Greene Home”, turned into a business built on helping friends and family who were in the process of building their own small businesses.

Looking back at steps along the way I never thought that I would be here! Funny how God works!  Little by little as my kids began to grow, so did I.  Taking the innate passion for helping others and for rallying on their behalf, graphic design has become a great way for me to both support my family and to support others.

I have found my passion in turning my hobby for creative expression and design into an opportunity to bring others’ visions to life.  I’ve had so many people say “Oh my gosh! This would have taken me twice as long and it wouldn’t have turned out nearly as well!”  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to turn this little hobby of mine into an opportunity to help support the ideas and dreams of those around me.

I would not have a small business if it were not for Leslie. She is able to take my jumbled thoughts and ideas and make them into a marketable masterpiece. She makes our business come to life with her graphics and user friendly interfaces for Facebook, blogs, and websites. She hears what I want and turns it into what I need and that is a true gift.
Laura Waller

Owner, PowerFull Fitness