The Honest Homeschool

Encouraging moms and dads on their homeschool journey.

The background:

Rebecca and I have been working together since 2021 when she came to me with a warm, coffee-house vision for her new Homeschool Hub.  She wanted her website to be a community hub where like-minded people could be encouraged and find resources for homeschooling their children.  Talk about the perfect intersection of art + life!  I, like Rebecca, homeschool my kids.  Although Rebecca’s kids are grown, it has been such a pleasure to do life with her and be encouraged while working!

We started a website build with email marketing integration.  She also knew she needed a shop because she planned on selling homeschool support materials to her audience.  We started out with a Mailchimp integration, but soon switched to Convert Kit for ease of use since she was also offering a weekly “Friday Freebie” to her Instagram community.  With her “link in bio” created with Convert Kit, we were able to make it easy for her Instagram folks to navigate to her website to grab the free resources.

Rebecca is a dream client!  We often brainstorm how we can help reach her business goals and how to support the moms in her community.  Recently, I have helped her establish landing pages for her homeschool consulting and set up an ebook for her Homeschooling 101 Live Video calls.  I was able to support her in a tech roll during the calls and made sure all the attendees had the appropriate email marketing tag so they could be nurtured as a part of their community in the future.

I look forward to our time together for years to come!

web graphic examples

Working off a logo design she already had, I pulled colors together to create a warm & cozy website, making sure it was optimized for all platforms.

web graphic examples

She needed a shop and a place to direct her customers.  I made one with different sections, so her customers could easily find what they were looking for.

I took one of her most requested freebies and created a lead magnet in Convert Kit.  One of her goals we are working towards is growing her email marketing numbers.

web graphic examples

Since Rebecca promotes Friday Freebies every week, she needed a quick and easy template to use.  I created a template for her in Convert Kit since it paired so well with her WordPress website and taught her how to update the freebies and files each week.

web graphic examples

I have helped shoulder some of the load for all the digital assets Rebecca creates for her business.  Because we have worked together for so long and I know her design preferences, I was able to make a guidebook for her to use for her Homeschooling 101 video series.

One direction Rebecca is going in with her business is homeschool curriculum hosting.  She is using her experience as a homeschooling mama to help others.  I set up a landing page and gave her the direct link to share with prospective clients.

To keep up with her growing email list, I created some branded Convert Kit templates so she could easily go in, add content, and press send!