Millers Rustic Sawmill

Growing a community with a hometown feel.

The background:

When Melissa and I first met, I knew we were going to be a great fit!  Our initial meeting was over ZOOM, so we could chat specifics and screen share as needed.  This is such a helpful tool in the graphic and web design world.  I got to hear her story and could feel her passion for her family’s sawmill business.

Our first project was to create a landing page for a monthly membership option she wanted to grow.  We worked together – Melissa, providing the wording, and I, the graphic and web design – to create this landing page and subscription service.  Together, this group of like-minded women meet monthly to create custom pieces to repurpose and preserve cherished items of their loved ones.  I set up a monthly subscription method for the current members in her group and for new members who join in their Shopify storefront.  The landing page is built with a Shopify plugin which integrates beautifully with their existing online store.

When the idea of hosting their first ever Sawdust Fest, Melissa came to me for help pulling it all together.  I spruced up the branding she made already through Canva to reflect the look and feel she was after.  Working collaboratively through Canva has allowed us to work quicker and more effectively.  She can then order everything for print she needs in one step. You’ll see the landing page we built to give all the details of the event as well as a cooresponding email I created to welcome VIP party customers.

Here’s a capture of what we did below.

web graphic examples

I gathered images and resources to bring her vision to life.  We wanted to cozy, crafty vibe.  I created a branding and mood board for colors and images to use.

web graphic examples

We worked together to create the landing page she had invisioned for her group in her Shopify store.  After several rounds of revisions, it was perfect!

I created coordinating social media images for her to quickly be able to use.

web graphic examples

For this project, Melissa knew what to expect for my work.  She created initial designs in Canva and I pulled together a final color palette and design inspiration.  She told me she wanted a landing page she could direct people to… and that was it.  She let me have creative freedom to design the page how I saw fit. 

web graphic examples

I made a clear and direct landing page, making sure it was functional in both mobile and desktop applications.  I used consistent branding throughout the page for clear messaging and to set the tone for the event.

I was able to replace the existing pop-up on her site to one about the event, directing site visitors to information on their first ever Sawdust Fest event!

I was able to set an automation in her Klaviyo business email marketing to send branded content when the VIP event tickets for Friday were purchased.