Logo Designs

A wide variety of designs for a wide variety of clients!

The background:

Logo Designing is one of my favorite processes. 

It starts with a Logo Design Questionnaire that a client completes.  This form walks a client through the thought processes of beginning to identify what represents them and their brand.  It helps them think about where they will use their logo and what specific purposes they’ll need it for. 

I then begin work on the draft of their design. Sometimes it takes longer than others to tinker and find the design that works for the client… and sometimes it just CLICKS instantly!  Either way, within a week or so clients are seeing the first draft of several different logo design choices.

Once it’s narrowed down, we begin the fine tuning process of making it absolutely perfect.  This is where it gets exciting as clients begin to see their vision come to life before their very eyes!

Final files are emailed over to the client and I make sure to let them know I’m always available to make adjustments if they find they have a specific need in the future.

Here are a few of my favorites!  Want to add yours to the list? Let’s get started!

web graphic examples

This mother-daughter duo and I designed the perfect logo for their Vintage Mobile Bar, affectionately named Tipsy.  

web graphic examples

Michelle loved navy and gold, and while those are beautiful colors, gold especially doesn’t always translate well to print media. I was able to design one she loved and resprents her brand in all spaces well.

With handdrawn elderberries and a rainbow design, we captured Lisa’s vision for her new business.  Based upon Ephesians 3:20 – it acknowledges when you LOOK ABOVE to seek God, He will take you BEYOND what you could ever ask or imagine for your life.

The web designer for the North Carolina Environmental Health Supervisor’s Association came to me looking for a logo design to pull together his new site. We created the perfect one!

web graphic examples

Jana put a call out on Instagram for someone to help with a logo.  We connected and quickly got a design together that represented her brand beautifully.

web graphic examples

Micki and I worked together to create a modern, feminine and professional design for her consulting business.

We created business card designs with her logo.

I also sent mockups of what her logo would look like on other surfaces to make sure it was a good fit for her brand.

Brittany connected with me about designing a logo for her family’s third generation hazelnut farm.  Once she filled out her questionnaire, we took a hand drawn picture of the design her husband had in mind and turned it into a real life version for this family’s farm.  I’m so excited to see them grow!

My husband and I highly recommend using Our Greene Home Designs for any of your logo needs. Leslie was wonderful to work with. She is very professional, prompt, and well prepared. I love that she asked us to fill out a quick brainstorming questionnaire in the beginning. The questionnaire got our creative juices flowing and made communicating our ideas a lot easier. We now have a logo for Singer Family Farms that is beyond what our original expectations were. We can’t thank Leslie enough. 
Brittany Singer

Owner, Singer Family Farms

web graphic examples

What fun to create a logo for a music school – joy embodied!

web graphic examples

Erica had a wonderful water color logo design already, but it leaned a bit busy.  We took the same idea and concept she already had an spruced it up a bit.

This branding speaks to her multi-faceted business and brand and she’s able to use it on her products, packaging, and business cards.

Erin and I worked together to create a hand-drawn design of some of her favorite doorways.  She was already working with her color palette on Instagram so it was important for her to keep it.

web graphic examples

Katy came needed a refresh.  She had a black and white logo originally designed and we took it in a direction with bold, fresh colors she needed!

web graphic examples

I created this branding for a wonderful teen business owner.  She hand drew the design she was after and I recreated it in Procreate to bring her vision to life!

I created an adorably cute logo for the homeschooling Mines family.  They put it on shirts so they can represent when they are field trippin’.

Dana and her husband’s business needed a quick logo refresh.  I took the original design and brought it to life in new brand colors and fonts.

Pastor Gary was a pleasure to work with.  After several iterations of logo designs and board votes, we landed on the best design for Alex UMC.  The tree is a replica of a beautiful tree in front of their church building.  The colors of the logo are from an iconic stained glass window.  It is a beautiful nod to a legacy their church family has created and loved.

web graphic examples

Katie and I worked together to create a custom logo design that she will be able to use for years to come. The line drawing is a piece created by yours truly, so she’s the only one to have it in the world.

web graphic examples

Debbie’s Buffalo Cottage was a fun collaboration. It perfectly represents her brand and the hand-crafted cottage will be a fun source of inspiration for her future projects.

Emily’s logo request was one I couldn’t stop working on until I got it right. It was so different than any other logo I had designed before.  All the features are hand-drawn so there will never be another just like this one.

We spruced up an existing design to create a custom piece for a growing consulting brand.

web graphic examples

Melissa needed a new logo for her growing Facebook group of like-minded crafters.  We created one just for her!

web graphic examples

Christa needed an updated business card design so we created these to show her business and brand.

Nicole, half of the Savers Sister duo, commended our quick work on a design they requested.  Their growing Instagram community is now branded and on point!

Your design here!  Contact me today to get a quote.